Les 111 des arts

LES 111 DES ARTS is a non-profit association mobilized around three essential objectives:

  • support children suffering from serious illnesses, in particular cancer and leukemia, and the hospital teams which treat them, by improving the conditions of hospitalization in the hematology and pediatric oncology departments and by promoting research on these pediatric diseases, by donations from their receipts
  • sensitize the members of the association to culture and artistic creation, by organizing, with its artistic members, artistic and cultural events, oriented in particular towards painting, engraving, drawing and photography, for this approach of solidarity
  • provide artists who are members of the association with the opportunities and assistance necessary to publicize their creation and diffuse it for the benefit of a humanitarian work.

This association was founded in 1995 and is present in four French cities: Lille, Lyon, Paris and Toulouse.

LES 111 DES ARTS has funded several projects dealing with acute myeloid leukemia in children and supports the CONECT-AML project.