Patient care

Patient care is provided in one of the pediatric hematology departments, authorized for  this activity by INCa and labeled by the French Society for the fight against Cancers and acute leukemia in Children and adolescents ( SFCE).

Any newly patient treated for a diagnosis of AML is discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting (RCP). This meeting reunites the haematologist pediatricians of the department, the biologists, the pharmacist, the psychologist, the coordinating nurse, etc. It is the place for the treatment decision, which is optimized by the expertise of all professionals involved in the management of the patient.

In acute pediatric myeloid leukemia, the diagnosis is often made in emergency. In this situation, the treatment is initiated as soon as possible and the discussion in multidisciplinary meeting is then carried out afterwards.

In pediatrics, cross-regional multidisciplinary meetings are also carried out and allow the various departments located in cross-regional areas to share their expertise, in order to guarantee the best decision for the patient. These meetings are structured within cross-regional organizations, currently numbering 7 (see INCa Site). National multidisciplinary meetings are also organized for certain pediatric cancers.

The decision-making process in oncology during a multidisciplinary meeting is illustrated below: