Team 5- Synapse NK/LSC

Attachment structures : 

Hématologie Cellulaire et Immunophénotypage des hémopathies

CHU de Lyon-HCL

UMR 1052-CNRS 5286, INSERM/CRCL-Anticorps Anticancer

Faculté de Médecine Rockefeller, Lyon

Adress : 

Centre de Biologie et d’Anatomie Pathologique Lyon Sud

Laboratoire d’hématologie, CHU-Lyon Sud

165, Chemin du Grand Revoyet

69495 Pierre – Bénite Cedex-Lyon, France

Team website : None

CONECT-AML  project leader in this team :

  • Adriana PLESA, PH, team leader
    • Research Gate: Adriana Plesa

Other project participants in the team :

  • Sebastien VIEL, MCU-PH
  • Thierry WALZER, PhD
  • Marine VILLARD,  Research engineer
  • Morgane DENIS, Research engineer
  • Clarisse HOERNER, Research engineer
  • Manon ZALA, Research engineer
  • Delphine MANZONI, PH
  • Charles DUMONTET, PU-PH
  • Joris GUTRIN,Project manager
  • Octavia CADASSOU, PhD

Summary of the project  :

We are studying both the expression of ligands to NK receptors on the leukemic stem cell compartment CD34 + CD38- (LSC) and the expression of receptors on NK cells in order to identify new immunotherapeutic targets targeting this LSC-NK synapse. Our objective will be to propose new markers having a prognostic and theranostic role in AML in children, in addition to the molecular and cytogenetic markers already validated.