Team 3 : Genome and cancer

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U944 INSERM et Laboratoire d’Hématologie Hôpital Saint-Louis

Adress : 1 Av Claude Vellefaux 75010 Paris

Team website : see here

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  • Nadia VASQUEZ
  • Mélanie DA COSTA

Project summary :

Fanconi’s disease is a genetic predisposition to bone marrow failure, myelodysplasic syndromes and acute leukemia linked to constitutional inactivation of the FA / BRCA pathway. Saint-Louis Hospital is the French reference center for the diagnosis and management of this pathology. Biological samples from patients are collected in our laboratory and longitudinal genetic and functional analyzes are carried out in order to understand the mechanisms behind clonal evolution and transformation into leukemia in a context of genetic instability. Mouse models (genetically modified and xenografts) of the disease are developed. New syndromes of bone marrow failure and predisposition to myeloid leukemia in children are being studied.