Team 6- BMP, tumor niche and resistance

Attachment structures : 

Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon-CRCL

Inserm U1052-CNRS UMR5286

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Adress : 

CRCL, U1052-UMR5286, Centre Léon Bérard, Bat Cheney D, 28 Rue Laennec, 69373 Lyon, France

Team website :  See here

CONECT-AML  project leader in this team :

Other project participants in the team :

  • Sylvain LEFORT, Post-doctorant
  • Kevin GEISTLICH, Assistant Ingénieur
  • Sandrine JEANPIERRE, Technicienne

Project summary:

We compare the leukemic microenvironment of pediatric AML bone marrow versus healthy tissue. For this, we characterize the content of the bone marrow in leukemic stem cells (LSC) and cellular components of the tumor microenvironment (stromal and immune cells). Our team will study in more detail the anomalies of the BMP pathway in the LSC’s dialogue with the other cells of its microenvironment, in particularly the mesenchymal stem cells.