Team 8- Niche and cancer in hematopoiesis

Attachment structures :

INSERM/CEA/P7/P11 Unité «Stabilité Génétique, Cellules Souches et Radiations”

Adress : Institut de RadioBiologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire, CEA, 18 route du panorama, 92260, Fontenay-aux-roses

Team website : See here

CONECT-AML  project leader in this team :

Other project participants in the team :

  • Laurent RENOU, research assistant
  • Rima HADDAD, Associate Professor, Université Paris Saclay
  • Klaudia GALANT, PhD student

Summary of the project  :

Within CONECT-AML, team 8 participates in the development of new xenograft models with the aim of expanding leukemia samples from affected children, thus obtaining large quantities of cellular material to improve the study of changes genetics/epigenetics involved in the development of these pathologies. Xenograft models are made available to the network in order to test new therapeutic strategies. Team 8 is therefore exploring new transplant protocols, in particular through the characterization and use of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSC) which make it possible to develop humanized bone marrow models, and new murine recipients. Team 8, with team 7, also undertook to model leukemias of the megakaryocyte lineage, platelet-producing cells, when the oncogenic events have been identified, from normal human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells to understand the early stages of processing. These different experimental models should improve knowledge on leukemic development and offer the possibility of testing innovative therapeutic approaches.