Team 9 – Resistance, drug testing and genomics

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INSERM et CHRU de Lille

Adress : Institut pour la recherche sur le Cancer, Centre Jean-Pierre AUBERT, INSERM UMR-S1172, Place de Verdun, 59000 Lille

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Resistance to chemotherapy remains the main cause of failure of anti-leukemic treatment. The aim of our study is to better understand resistance to leukemia drugs, at the cellular and molecular level. We will use in vitro and in vivo models of primary AMLs to identify inherent resistance mechanisms to develop biomarkers predictive of drug response to improve clinical management of treatment. With the very recent arrival of new drugs or the re-approval of AML drugs, midostaurin, the liposomal association cytarabine/daunorubicin and gemtuzumab ozogamycin, the design of an optimal chemotherapy regimen for AML is of particular importance. In addition, new therapies such as demethylating agents, HDAC and proteasome inhibitors, and drugs targeting apoptosis are under development. Therefore, the optimal use of most of these new and old agents remains to be determined.