Information and consent

Personal data processing requires the free, informed and express consent of the patient (or his legal representatives, who are the parents for patients under 18 years of age), collected after the doctor has informed him of the study. The information communicated is summarized in a written document given to the patient. The patient can withdraw his consent at any time and oppose the use of his data. When the child is old enough to understand the information provided, he/she is invited to express his/her opinion regarding his/her participation or his/her refusal to research.

If the study does not involve medication, written consent is not always required. However, the communicated information is summarized in a written document given to the parents and the patient, who may refuse the use of their data. If they accept, the physician attests their “non-opposition” to their data collection and processing by writing in his/her medical file.

For more information, see the brochure “My child’s participation in clinical cancer research“.