INSERM Press Kit : Why some leukaemias only affect children

New work led by Thomas Mercher, research director of the “Genetics and modeling of childhood leukemia, CONECT-AML team 7” team within unit 1170 “Normal and pathological hematopoiesis” Inserm / Gustave Roussy / Université Paris-Sud-Paris Saclay, in collaboration with Jürg Schwaller UKBB, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel, were the subject of a press release from INSERM.

Thomas Mercher and his team bring new knowledge to better understand why some form of acute megacaryoblast leukemia (AndML7) develop in young children. These discoveries are a source of hope and open the way for the discovery of new treatments.

You can read the INSERM press release here

You can also consult the scientific article in question, published in the journal Cancer Discovery in our section «our works/ Ontogenic changes in hematopoietic hierarchy determine pediatric specificity and disease phenotype in fusion oncogene-driven myeloid leukemia »