ALARM3 research protocol launched

The ALARM3 protocol (NCT05772559) is a research project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in relapse and resistance in pediatric acute leukemia (AML).

This project is focused on relapse and will include: 1\ Genomic characterization at initial diagnosis and relapse of AML cells and mesenchymal stem cells, 2\ Evolution of drug sensitivity between initial diagnosis and relapse by ex vivo drug testing, which will include CPX-351, 3\ Identification of a new prognostic marker capable of better identifying patients most at risk of relapse.

This protocol is currently being rolled out in the 29 pediatric hematology centers affiliated to  SFCE.

For further information, a summary is available on the U-LINK website

This project is funded by the Fight Kids Cancer collective, Imagine For Margo, Enfants Cancer Santé, SIRIC CURAMUS and ARHME.