The DOREMy project receives funding from INCa

This project, supported by CONECT-AML, has been selected for obtaining funding from INCa (Appel à projet Partage de données INCa 2019).

  • DOREMy will constitute the “Harmonized clinical and biological database for an integrated research in the management of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia”.·
  • Aims : The DOREMy project aims to integrate all clinical data into a single database, integrate research data from CONECT AML, adapt these data to the OSIRIS set as well as to the international pediatric AML database, PedAL, identify all leukemia samples or derived products from the ELAM02 biobank and create a virtual tumor bank of samples stored by CONECT AML research teams. Data structuring work should allow interactions with national and international databases. The pooling of data will make it possible to better characterize subgroups of rare high-risk patients; identify new therapeutic targets; decrease the relapse rate and improve the survival of pediatric AML, promote the sharing of data and samples for collaborative work.